International childrens memorial place

If it takes a community to raise a child, it also takes a community to assist in the healing needed after the loss of one. 

International Childrens' Memorial Place and Julie Glaspy used a stone 7.5 feet tall, 13 feet long, and 2 feet thick. Totalling 15 tons, of raw Nova Scotia granite. Creating a memorial sculpture for the entrance of the park.


After visiting the park and reading the vision of ICMP. I choose a life sized silhouette of the family holding hands walking into the park. Representing their unity in this journey of grief and healing. The family unit is set out from the raw stone and polished. They are soft and touchable to emphasize being here, present in this precious time and space. 


The silhouette of one of the three children is cut through the stone. The cut out of the child embody's the hole in our hearts left by this loss. Although the empty space represents the loss and sorrow, it also allows for the element of light in the form. Using both light and shadows to show the passage of time, the warmth of the sun will fill our hearts, bringing light and healing into this voyage. The imagery will be surrounded by the texture of the raw stone, creating contrast and reminding us of the raw reality of this journey.  


Sometimes in life extraordinary events happen,  painful unfair events, events that are out of our control. The group at ICMP have created something beautiful out of these impossible events.  It was an honour to work along side this group. I would like to thank ICMP for giving me this opportunity. Thank you Bill, Dave and Mike and the rest of the ICMP crew. Thank you for allowing my dream to coincide with yours. Thank you for choosing local Canadian art and artists.

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