About Julie Glaspy

“Convincing a stone to become something else is no small task – it’s heavy, it’s dusty, it’s dirty, and it’s my labour of love. “ 


“Sculpture Saint John afforded me the opportunity to be a part of something bigger; and that experience launched my carving career to a whole new level. In 2014, as an intern at Sculpture Saint John’s International Sculpture Symposium, I  was able to  learn from and work with 9 amazing  artists from around the world. Together we created 8 large scale sculptures. Adding over 120 tons of granite artwork  to an international sculpture trail. In 2014, SSJ brought me into a world – a community – I never knew existed; a world of internationally renowned talent, all speaking the language of stone.  Together this group of beautiful ordinary people did extraordinary things. We put a mark in history; we made art.”


“Often, art is about finding beauty in places where it is not always commonly seen; to me art is about making something out of nothing, which is one of my main attractions to working with stone.”


Julie Glaspy was born in Saint John, New Brunswick. Graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Kinesiology in 2002. Julie has been exploring stone in its many forms and functions for over ten years. She has worked as a stonemason and has created intricate pieces of jewelry. Julie has embraced both ends of the rock carving spectrum from intricacy to monumental impact.

Interning with Sculpture Saint John 2014 was a demanding and exciting learning curve. Julie took the knowledge and skills gained at the symposium and completed her first large scale solo project for the International Children's Memorial Park (ICMP), on Prince Edward Island, fall of 2015.

Working as the Site Manager for the 2015 Sculpture Nova Scotia Symposium, Julie assisted in building onto the Canadian leg of the international sculpture trail and sculpting community. 


Julie is returning to Sculpture Saint John for this year's International Sculpture Symposium August 4th till September 17th, 2016. She is one of the featured Canadian artists for this year's symposium. Julie will be working with the town of Riverview, New Brunswick creating their first piece of public art. 


Julie will have pieces of her work in the Sunbury Shores Gallery in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick from August 5 till September 3rd, 2016 for their “Carved In Stone” exhibition. The exhibition will include works from local Canadian artists as well as the International artists participating in this year's symposium in Saint John.


One of my first and most valuable lessons in carving came from a First Nations Elder of the Tsimshian nation, as we worked on carving a wooden alder spoon: “Big cuts make big mistakes”...


It was a lot of hard work there is no question it's not for everyone! It’s not for the week of heart. But it is kind of awesome.